the mile-around woods

The Mile-Around Woods was donated in 1994 to The Fund for North Bennington, Inc. by Ethel McCullough Scott and her husband Bill Scott. The property had been in Mrs. Scott's family for more than 200 years. The Woods feature rich stands of old timber and a circular carriage road laid out after the Civil War by Trenor Park, the builder of the nearby Park-McCullough House.

The adjoining agricultural fields were part of a working dairy farm until the early 1990s. Known today as the Kohler/McCullough fields, they are maintained in crop rotation by a family of dairy farmers from nearby White Creek, N.Y. The Fund has established a network of trails that connects The Mile-Around Woods to adjoining woodlands and to Park Street. A hike on The Short Aldrich Trail circles much of the small valley of Paran Creek.